Repeat Offenders - Motorcycle Stunt Team - Hutchinson, KS

by Doug Myers
(Hutchinson, KS)

One of our stunts.

One of our stunts.

Repeat Offenders are a freestyle motorcycle stunt team. We specialize in sportbikes and four wheelers. We love promoting in-state events. We have performed at colleges, special events, motorcycle rallies (most recent - Thunder on Smoky Hills bike rally Marquette Ks.) Our team is ranked one of the best in the nation. We try to limit our shows to 30 min. intervals but they do run over sometimes depending on crowd enthusiasm. Our show is definitely a one of a kind unique experience that leaves the crowd in awwww. We will gladly give references to serious promoters. Please check us out on the following venues.

Contact Info:
Doug Myers

Website:, or

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