ReVive Essentials - Natural Products, Lotions, Hair Creme, Body Butter, Spa Essentials, Face Care - Northern Virginia

by Vernell
(Northern VA, USA )

Natural Healing products for hair, bath, body and home!

Natural Healing products for hair, bath, body and home!

ReVive Essentials Offers Natural Holistic Healing products for the Home, Hair, Body, Bath, Mind, and Spirit! We sell Bath Spa wellness, Spices, Teas, Healing Jewelry and More! We sell the most amazing holistic products that will aid in your approach to healthy living by utilizing and the blending of the best Essentials oils. These products also allow you to pamper yourself, as well as heal the most commons ailments and the oils blended along with them, allowing you to begin feeling Relieved, Revived, and Strengthened!

ReVive Essentials products are 100% Natural and they aid in refreshing, softening and nourishment for your Hair, Skin and Body!

Vernell Gibbs

Serving Virginia, DC, NC, and NY.

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