Ride Toros El Matador - Long Beach, Califonia

by Armando Itehua
(Long Beach, CA, USA)

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical bull that includes inflatable jumper bed which needs approximately a space of 20 x 20 feet. The mechanical bull is controlled by a trained operator, using a control box that regulates the speed of the bull. The speed can be very slow or fast, so all ages can ride. Two people can ride the bull at the same time, as long as it does not surpass the weight limit which is 350 pounds. The mechanical bull has an Automatic Stop Sensor that the rider puts on their wrist; as soon as the rider falls off the mechanical bull stops. As a precaution, we ask that people do not rest on the outside of the jumper bed, and that the entrance is not blocked. The mechanical bull requires two separate outlets to operate, they cannot be the same because it requires a lot of energy.

Willing to travel up to 5-6 hours for an event.

Contact: Armando Itehua, (562) 508-1086, email matadorjuanito@yahoo.com.

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