Samhain - Psychic - Richfield, OH

(Richfield, OH)



I AM THE PSYCHIC THAT OTHER PSYCHICS CALL FOR ADVICE. I come from a long lineage of Psychics! My ancestry can be traced to the ancient Greek & Roman Oracles of Delphi, Dodona & Didyma. I have had a gift all of my life! Stemming back to my very early childhood I was able to sense and see things before they happened!

My gifts are:

Precognition ~ 99%
Clairvoyance ~ 99%
Remote Viewing ~ 99%
Retrocognition ~ 98%
Empathy ~ 92%
Psychokinesis ~ 90%
Channeling ~ 90%
Telepathy ~ 90%

Will travel 25 miles for a fair or the USA at cost of client.

Contact me at:

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