Sam's Crochet - Uniquely Handmade Items - Dallas, OR

by Samira Loflin
(Dallas, OR)

Dog Sleeping Mat

Dog Sleeping Mat

I create handmade crocheted items ranging from dog sleeping and place mats to purses and yoga mat bags, to scarves and hats. The color variation work I do is called tapestry crochet. It's a simple changing of colors as a basket weaver would. I am also enjoy more textured work. I am beginning to intermix the two. Besides the obvious element of a great look to a project, I have a couple of other motivations. I love to see an item I've made in use. My goal is durability. I want to make a quality item that the user will really love for a long time.

I am willing to travel anywhere in the Willamette Valley, and to the Newport/Lincoln City area.

My phone number is: 971-218-2343 or

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