Scentsy Wickless Candles - Smokey Point, WA

by Norma Boushey
(Smokey Point, WA)

Seattle Remodeling Show -Washington State Convention Center

Seattle Remodeling Show -Washington State Convention Center

Scentsy Candle Warmers are safe, fragrant, quality products with all the benefits of a traditional candle without the worry. Finally, a safe way to scent your home, office, dorm, anywhere. Scentsy wax is melted by a low wattage bulb and has a melting point just above body temperature, making Scentsy safe for anyone, especially around children and pets. No smoke or black soot being released into the air, your lungs, and no more black soot on your furniture and walls, makes Scentsy perfect for every occasion. No smoke, no soot, no flame, no worries. Scentsy Warmers are a safe way to enjoy more than 80 delightful fragrances in over 75 beautifully designed warmers. Scentsy Products are also available in Plug-In Warmers, Mid-Size Warmers, Car Candles, Travel Tins,and Room Sprays, so you can take your favorite scent with you, wherever you go. Scentsy offers something for every mood and every budget. Norma Boushey, 425-218-9684, Will travel all over Northwest Washington.

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