Slush / Frozen Drink Machine Question

by Brian
(Lexington, Kentucky)

Good day all! I am finally taking another step forward in pursuing one of my long held desires to own a concession / vending operation and work some festivals. One of the areas that I have narrowed my business down to is the frozen "slushy" type drinks and I am looking for information or advice from individuals that may have a little bit of "know how" in this area. There are literally thousands of options for machine types (new vs used machines, size, style, etc). I was wondering if someone would be willing to impart some knowledge - - what brand of machines are reliable? Easy to repair? Available replacement parts? What size of machine works best - - what size machine compared to the potential number of customers? Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated... and trust me - you will have a lifetimes worth of free slushies should I pursue this avenue - lol. I appreciate your time and thank you for any assistance.

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This works

If you want to make a killing selling slush, there is 3 things you need. 1. Hot weather. 2. Good healthy slush. 3. A maraca bottle.

Your initial sales will come from thirsty people that will notice your attractive banner. They get the slush it in the worlds only maraca bottle which gives them a WOW factor. They walk around the festival or event drinking from the worlds coolest bottle and sometimes shaking it making a rattling sound which attracts attention. Then the sales start flying in. You will out sell any other slush vendor there. I know. This is what I do.

I am starting to sell licences. Hurry.

Slushy Drinks
by: Anonymous

I currently have a concessions trailer and one of the products I sell is the slushy drink. I have a Taylor 432 (double barrel). I like this machine but have found that it is a bit slow when demand is high. I have no problem selling my slushy drinks for $5 (16oz).

sell somethin else too
by: Justin P.

i would recommend selling other items in addition to frozen drinks... they won't pull in enough alone to make enough money.

by: Anonymous

Sell smoothies out of them instead of "slushes". You can get much more per sale and the mix iss the same price .

by: Jerry

I sold slushies for many years at local fairs and I always had Bunn machines. Worked great but make sure you get three bowl machines that way you always have reserves if you run out.

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