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Sparkman Won't Burn Up Your Money!

Sparkman Won't Burn Up Your Money!

Sparkman is the funniest family entertainer in the South. He uses Comedy Magic to entertain all ages at venues from private parties to Casino Stages. He is also a public speaker that uses magic illustrations for business conferences and has a hilarious magic show for corporate events.

Close Up Magic
Sparkman has world class sleight-of-hand skills that he uses in formal close-up magic shows as well as strolling close-up magic for cocktail parties, and outdoor events like festivals and picnics. This strolling magic has become known as Street Magic in recent years.

Golf Magic
Sparkman is the world's only close-up Golf Magician. He has performed this golf themed magic around the country at PGA Tour Events, PGA Tour Tournament Director Events, PGA Tour Fund Raising Events, and at Corporate Golf Events. There is a sample video on the golf magic page of his website and more on his promotional DVD.

Business Speaking
Sparkman's program "Climbing Out of the Box," teaches you how to develop your creativity and use it to solve problems. He usually presents this at business conferences, and he tailors it for specific groups. Sparkman also customizes your message with magic illustrations for Sales Meetings, Motivational Employee Programs, and Promotional Events.

Trade Shows
One of the major places Sparkman uses customized speaking is at your trade show booth. He uses comedy and magic to draw a crowd. Then he launches into an entertaining and informative magic commercial about your the products and services that you are showing at your trade show booth. He ends the presentation by moving the well informed prospects to the sales people in the booth.

On stage he can perform as a Comedy
Magic Emcee telling jokes and performing magic between introduction of other acts. This is also perfect for awards banquets.

Comedy Magic Shows
Sparkman is a one man act with many assistants, all from the audience. His adult material all consists of everyday props like ropes, cards, fruit, toilet plungers, and a gumball machine. He does incorporate "magic props" in routines that involve children.

School Programs
Sparkman has a "Drug and Stranger Danger" show for elementary schools. He also has a program called "Your Life - Your Choice" for Middle Schools. This program deals with middle school issues like peer pressure, school work, friendships, and goal setting. Both programs use magic to illustrate the important points to help the kids remember the message for a lifetime.

Fund Raisers
Sparkman has a family fund raiser for schools. He provides a family magic show in the evening and the school shares the profits with Sparkman instead of paying him a fee. This is the simplest fund raiser your school will ever have since there is no selling or delivery of product.

Other Entertainers
Sparkman knows many of the best variety entertainers on the planet. He can help you find the act that is perfect for your event and budget.

Please contact Sparkman to discuss the parameters of your event and how it can be enhanced with a magic program or another variety entertainer. REQUEST THE FREE DVD WHICH SHOWS SPARKMAN IN ACTION!

Sparkman, (615)-823-1356 -For more information about entertainment for adults and corporate events. -For information about entertainment with kids in the audience and school programs.

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