Srivani - Dancer - Chicago, IL

by Joanna
(Chicago, IL ,USA)



Srivani is a professional Bharatanatyam dancer of classical and contemporary Indian dance with over 18 years of experience on stages all over the world. For more information please visit The Art of Bharatanatyam dance: In India, dance has been used both as a vehicle of worship and as an expression of profound emotions, a human being's most subtle states of mind. The Indian dance system is the oldest and most comprehensive in the world. The world's earliest evidence of dance is a bronze figurine of a dancing girl discovered in the 4,000-year old ruin in Mohenjodaro.

Bharatanatyam is amongst the oldest of the classical dance forms of India, with a history that goes back more than two thousand years. Integrating elements of music, theater, poetry, sculpture, and literature.

This multi-dimentional art has come down through the centuries, as part of a dynamic, vital living tradition, that offers infinite scope for unerstanding and exploring the body, mind and spirit.

In the symbolism of Bharatanatyam is hidden a deep understanding of how our Universe works. From the tiny atom to inconveivably immense intergalactic spaces. The dance is not just a beautiful symbol, but a reality taking place within each of us this very moment. When we behold Dance, the world is seen as it truly is, sacred.

Can travel anywhere.


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