Subtle Imprints - Engraved Jewelry Pendants & Gifts - Columbia, PA

by Earl Robert McGinnis
(Columbia, PA, USA)

Subtle Imprints Display

Subtle Imprints Display

Subtle Imprints offers engraved jewelry pendants and gifts (high resolution Photo and Text engraving). Description: pendants (gold,nickel, and rhodium) with engraving service at time of purchase use small high quality portable engraver/laptop. Also beaded jewelry (necklace,bracelets). Pictured is display, and I use a white canopy tent 12x12ft with fold down flaps.

Website is currently under construction and should be up in about a week ( Travel: 150 miles from location.

Subtle Imprints
Earl R McGinnis
253 South 5th St.
Columbia, PA 17512
Business# 717-684-3889
Cell# 717-587-6054

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