Thai Satay House - Oregon


Thai Satay House

Thai Satay House

Thai Satay House Menu: (1) Thai Satay Stick Chicken Breast, Beef, Pork, And Chicken Thigh Stick, (2) Pad Thai Rice Noodle W/Tofu, (3) Pad Mama Noodle, Yakisoba Noodle and Spaghetti Noodle w/Tofu, (4) Lemon Chicken Breast or Spicy Chicken Breast, (5) Fried Rice w/Tofu or Rice with Chicken Satay Stick, (6) Stir Fry Fresh Vegetable, (7) Salad Roll, (8) Egg Roll, (9) Sweet Rice Mango, (10) Thai Tea, Thai Coffee, Thai Mango, Water, and Soft Drinks, (11) Chicken Thigh Stick added if desired).

Will travel within state.
Thank you.
Contact information:

David & Navapon Loucks
Thai Satay House
Phone: 503.515.4054

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