The Boomers - Classic Rock & Roll - Milwaukee, WI

(Milwaukee, WI)

The Boomers, The Boomers band idea started in 2007 when Phil Henzig (Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar) and Jim Schrimpf (Vocals and Bass) decided to organize a band again and enjoy playing the kind of music they loved and grew up on; The Beatles, The Animals, Herman’s Hermits, The Eagles, CCR just to name a few. The two have known each other since grade school and played in some of their earliest bands together. The idea evolved to be trying to recapture the fun and excitement of growing out of a garage or basement band and just having the same simple fun and enjoyment we all experienced during the 60’s growing up musically and socially. Hopefully this fun and excitement could be communicated to the audience and they in turn could experience the musical trip back to the happier carefree times of their youth. Pat Henzig (rhythm guitar) was the next member to join the group in 2007. Tom our drummer came on board in 2008, and we expanded in 2009 to include Rick who plays keyboards and lead vocals.

Our goal is only to have fun ourselves when we play out but to make sure the audience does too.

Please contact Phil at 414-759-7222 for booking information.

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