The Boyz -R- Back - Oldies Band - WhiteHall, PA

by Joseph Olivier
(WhiteHall, PA. USA)

The Boyz R Back - Oldies Band

The Boyz R Back - Oldies Band

"The Boyz -R- Back" were formed in New Jersey back in March of 2006. Our members currently include: Joe O. (drums & vocals), Ken McQ. (bass guitar and vocals), Roy R. (lead guitar and vocals), Del G. (vocals and percussion), Mike S. (rhythm guitar, vocals and DJ), and Nick R. (Vocals & Guitarist).

The Group generated from an oldies Doo-Wop group Called “Reminisce”. Joe, Del, Roy, and Ken, were all members of Reminisce. (Which Del and Roy are still currently with Reminisce.) We all started the group because we didn’t just want to play Doo-Wop music. We wanted to be an all around band. We invited Mike S. to join his of sound to the group. We then found Nick R. and his voice and asked him to join the group.

This 6 man Group not only plays Doo-Wop, but does all your favorite oldies from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and some songs from the early 80’s.

The Boyz -R- Back has gained quite a bit of recognition in the local area and has become known as New Jersey & Pennsylvania's "Band in Much Demand" for oldies music. We dwell on hits of the 50's, 60's and 70's, covering all phases of music within those decades including Motown, doo wop, and classic rock. Our repertoire is quite extensive. We have appeared at most of New Jersey's & Pennsylvania's larger carnivals, car shows (cruise nights), and of course town fairs and Night Clubs. We are also available for private engagements.

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Boyz R Back

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