The David Holland Band - Country Music - Wichita, KS

(Wichita, KS)

The David Holland Band is a group of mild mannered ordinary guys who, every weekend, metamorphasize into... ordinary guys who are in a band. Not exactly supermen, but not exactly normal either. These guys just like to have fun and love to play music... primarily country music with some good classic rock thrown in for good measure. If having fun is infectious... then get ready to have some, because these guys are highly contagious. Rapidly becoming known as the most "dance-able" band in the area, the David Holland Band offers everything needed for a great time while attending their performances. David Holland can be reached at 316-941-2159. The website address or This band typically stays within a couple hundred miles of the Wichita/Hutchinson area...but if the price is right will travel greater distances.

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