The France Collection by Naturel Products, Ohio

My name is Sherita Simon, I am the founder of Naturel Products. Naturel Products specializes in bringing dry, damaged skin back to life. Natural created a product line called "The France Collection" an aloe vera based creme. The France Collection was made for Cancer Patients but sells to all with dry, damaged skin. I created the aloe vera creme with my sister in mind. She was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She complained of extremely dry, scaly skin due to the Chemotherapy, and Radiation treatment. I explained to my sister the effects of aloe vera, and the attributes aloe vera serves for skin. After countless, sleepless nights I managed to create an aloe vera based cream that not only heals the skin, but smells amazing as well as nourish's, and moisturizes damaged skin due to the harsh treatments of Chemotherapy, and Radiation. The France Collection is cruelty free, and was tested on my sister for months before introducing to customers. The main ingredients in my aloe creme are aloe vera with a touch of beeswax to help as a skin protectant. Naturel Products travels all over the United States.

216-413-6457,, travels all over the United States

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