The Outpost Opry Variety Show - Winston, Georgia

by Joey Garland
(Winston, GA, USA )

The Outpost Opry Variety Show

The Outpost Opry Variety Show

The “Outpost Opry Variety Show” is a family fun filled night of entertainment for all ages. Your Host Joey Garland and Raquel Ray along with the “MAJOR DOGS” house band musicians include Hall of Fame members. The “Outpost Opry Variety Show” is somewhat like the famous Grand Ole Opry with a little taste of a Branson, Missouri style show and a pinch of He-Haw on top. You will find the cousin of Mayberry’s famous rock thrower Ernest T. Bass, comedian William H. Bass making you laugh. You will find something for everyone. It’s not just country music, it’s Bluegrass, Gospel and sometimes Southern Rock. Comments or questions? We want to hear from you! Call – 770-942-4363.

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