The Victorian Highwheelers on Original Riding Machines - Tamaqua, PA

(Tamaqua, PA)

The Victorian Highwheelers of Tamaqua, PA

The Victorian Highwheelers of Tamaqua, PA

The award-winning Victorian Highwheelers of Tamaqua perform on the legendary mode of transportation that first appeared in public view about 1871.

The highwheel was the first machine invented by man to allow him to travel far distances over land by using his own power. The amazing machine originally was intended to be a replacement for the horse and was produced for a period of 20 years. In that time it had a profound impact on American society, according to historical accounts.

It led directly to Henry Ford's car and the Wright Brothers' airplane, and was responsible for America's first paved roads. It also spawned the popularity of bloomers, or women's pants.

The highwheel is now regarded as history's first practical mode of personal transportation and is generally recognized as the world's first bicycle. In addition, many say the machine is the classic example of art in motion.

An educational nonprofit, the Victorian Highwheelers of Tamaqua ride original, museum-quality machines.

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