Vince Wilson - Hypnotist - Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

by Vince Wilson
(Harpers Ferry, WV, USA)

Vince Wilson

Vince Wilson

Vince Wilson has been honing his skills as a professional hypnotist for more than 20 years! For most of that time he performed only for friends, colleagues and private affairs. Now, for the 1st time due to popular demand, Vince is making his talents available for larger scale events!

Vince has appeared in media such as local newspapers, television, radio and even once on the Discovery Channel! He has entertained thousands over the years and helped many people as well.

In his high energy show, Vince entertains and amazes as he not only assures the audience while explaining the myths of hypnotism! The hypnotic trance state creates a sense of heightened awareness that brings out the best in the volunteer performers. The volunteers role-play in various hypnosis comedy routines that are designed to have your audience doubled over with laughter.

Watch as the volunteers on stage:
Forget the number six! First they count their fingers individually. “OK, five fingers each.” Then Vince asks them to count all their fingers together – “One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Seven… Eight… Nine… Ten… ELEVEN??

- Do their best fish impression! Shark Week is back and The Discovery Channel is looking for extras to play some fish! Watch them pucker-up and get “scaly”!
- See the audience in their underwear! How embarrassing! Everyone but the people on the stage forgot to put on clothes this morning!
- Cower as dinosaurs attack the show! They're back! This time these prehistoric monsters are hungry for audience members!
- See famous celebrities sit down and watch! The volunteers will swoon and giggle as some of Hollywood's most famous TV and movie stars sit in the front row! Wait until they found out they're actually friends and family!
- Plus much, much more!

Vince's shows can be customized for almost any venue! Great for seminars, corporate events, fund raisers, graduation events, carnivals and more!

People will be talking about your event for years! Heck, they may remember it for the rest of they're lives! Vince can customize his performances for almost any venue and theme!

Vince will hypnotize volunteers and send them back to see historical figures like Edgar Allan Poe, Abraham Lincoln see Jack the Ripper just before he murders his last victim!

Are you going back to a past life of yours or someone else? Who can tell? It depends on what you believe and it is always enlightening, amazing, fun and sometime rewarding!

Whenever you made a choice, did you ever wonder what might have happened if you chose another path? Quantum jump into the parallel reality that diverged off from that any many other choices!

ANY THEME IS POSSIBLE WITH A LITTLE IMAGINATION! Liven up any event with a custom routine by Vince Wilson! Ask how he can add a little more flair with Roll Playing and confidence building!

For booking or more information call 304-885-0707.

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