Wellsville Balloon Festival-misleading information-vendors beware

by Aurora
(Brookfield, CT)

7/23/2012 - this event is advertised as a Three day event, but in reality, the "food vending area" is opened ONLY for about 5 hours on Saturday. For a local vendor would be a good 5 hour rush, but for someone such as myself it was a total loss. We made: $600 in sales. The entrance fee and permit were: $480. We were told by the event coordinator that we could not camp on site, but when we arrived, we saw other vendors camping in their RVs and tents. Therefore, we had to rent a motel room = $300. We were also told that they were expecting around 40,000 visitors-it looked to me more like 2,500. Besides, how do they count these people when the event has no entrance fee, no tickets are issued? We were also told that we couldn't sell breakfast, but other vendors were. Good for them, but why did the event coordinator lied to me? When I asked questions about the schedule, I was told that the event has NOTHING to do with "what's happening downtown". Meaning: the website advertises "things-to-do" during all three days, but in fact, everything is happening in town and AWAY from where the food vendors are setup. Our monetary loss was: $300 motel; $350 diesel; $480 entrance fee; $1,250 food; FIVE DAYS of work (2 days of driving, 2 days of prepping, cooking and cleaning, and 5 hours of actual selling) - total $2,380 because we believed and trusted the event coordinator.

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