Zack Percell of TnZ Magic - Comedy Magician - Rockford, IL

(Rockford, IL)

To Be Entertained...

To Be Entertained...

Zack Percell of TNZ Magic has been performing quality, professional entertaining magic and illusion shows in the Northern Illinois State Line area for about 23 years. He has performed on 4 continents. Now he can perform for YOU! Zack customizes his show for your particular needs. He also comes equipped with everything he needs, including his complete sound systems, tables and staging, etc.

It does not matter what the age group is (5+), or how big or small the audience may be (5-1000+)... Zack Percell of TnZ Magic has performances that can amaze and delight all!

When you hire Zack Percell of TnZ magic, rest assured the you are getting the highest quality, professional entertainment, even if your budget is limited! Don't use your time and money on expensive talent agencies to find entertainment. Zack will talk to you personally to set up the details of your event!

Call Zack Percell of TnZ Magic to be entertained...

Zack's various programs consist of:


If you hire Zack Percell of TNZ Magic, you could see objects disappear, reappear and float in mid air. Zack can even make people float in mid-air! Imagine having a photo of your BIRTHDAY CHILD floating! Ask Zack to do that for your event!

Objects change color in the blink of an eye and even multiply in spectator's hands!

...Much more...


Zack reads minds to figure the name of a thought of card, then writes the name of that card and a random number from 1-1000 on a slate without touching the slate or chalk! All this after some funny jokes that make people believe he can't do it.

Zack predicts the name and face of a thought of celebrity. He cuts the unmistakable face out of a piece of card stock, snow flake style! A combination of magic and art you won't believe!

Zack makes predictions like you have never seen before!

...Much more...


Zack performs a high energy Straight Jacket Escape that will have you in stitches!

He escapes from European Chain Shackles in 2 min...SECONDS!

He not only gets out of the thumb cuffs, but they vanish as well!

Basic face painting and balloon sculpting is available in combination with magic,
upon request!

Zack has performed for/at:

Many Fairs and Festivals around the mid-west-
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation -
Mcdonald's Corporation -
Rkfd Coronado Theatre -
Rkfd Metro Centre -
Rkfd's On The Waterfront -
Fox, WTVO & WIFR TV Rockford -
CCTV Chicago -
The Cubby Bear Chicago -
University of IL College of Medicine
and hundreds more!

"Pack 139 could not stop talking about Zack's
magic show. The event was outstanding!"
-Tom B, Scout Pack Troup Leader

"Zack has an amazing ability to work a crowd!?"
-Kimberly P. Hamilton Sundstrand

"Zack - Thanks for a great weekend of magic and surprises! Nice job at keeping our customers engaged and entertained during our opening weekend. Everyone really enjoyed your shows and it was great to see that people came back for multiple performances. Looking forward to working with you again!"
-Guy B, Mcdonald's

"Zack did a magic show performance at my daughter's 6th birthday party - it was a big hit! Zack did an outstanding job of mixing magic with humor to keep the kids and parents glued to the show the entire time. My daughter, all her friends, and parents loved the show, and several guests commented that this was the best party they have ever attended! I would highly recommend Zack for any gathering with children and adults of all ages!"
-Jody K. Birthday Mother

"Zack is a great magician and the kids had a wonderful time. He has the flexibility to adapt to any situation and I am very impressed with his professionalism, and expertise. Thanks Zack, and keep capturing your audience with eloquence, humor, and magic!"
-Marcela G, MD, MSPH. National Center for Rural Health Professions at the University of Illinois, Rockford.

"All of us enjoyed your show immensely!
It was something different for us, and you were so much fun."
-Darlene, Event Planner ? Oregon Health Care Pharmacy

If you are the event planner and you want them to pat you on the back and say, "Job well done..." then don't hesitate! Call Zack Percell of TnZ Magic TODAY!

Zack performs nationally (USA).
Phone: 815-222-4912

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