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What is Festivals-and-Shows.com®?

USA's #1 event information finder and specialty classifieds site. Whether you are searching for events, listing an event on our website, or buying/selling something on our classifieds, put away your credit card...Everything is free on Festivals-and-Shows.com

How did we get started?

The site was created in 2006 by Jason Hall who envisioned a way to find accurate, up-to-date, event info throughout the U.S. in one place and offer site related classifieds free.

What is our mission?

Festivals-and-Shows.com® mission is to enable people to find accurate & up-to-date event information throughout the U.S.A. as well as offering site related classified services at no charge.  Ever!

How many people use this site?

As of 2020, Festivals-and-Shows.com® receives over three million regular visitors a year and is growing rapidly!

Why such rapid growth?

Festivals-and-Shows.com® is dedicated to providing all services free. This includes providing accurate and up-to-date event info and offering site related classified services at no charge.

A personal note:

I'd like to thank you, the users, for making us the biggest and most used event finding website on the internet!  Please feel free to contact us to make this site even better via comments, suggestions, and other issues that you would like us to know about.  Hopefully, by telling your family and friends about Festivals-and-Shows.com®, you can make this completely free resource even bigger and better than, today!