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Top Event Insurance Facts

Read our event insurance facts before buying a single or multiple day event liability insurance policy. Are you an event organizer puzzled over what type of event or umbrella insurance coverage your festival, show, state fair or event needs? Learn the facts below. Also, check out our collector car insurance tips.

Special Event Insurance

Top 5 Event Liability Insurance Facts

Event Liability Insurance Facts You Need To Know!

What is event insurance? - This type of insurance provides general liability and protection for special events including festivals, fairs, concerts, classic car shows and other occasions. You can buy single day or multiple day coverage.

What if my event will have vendors setting up? - Usually, an unlimited number of vendors may be provided with certificates of insurance naming them as additional insured in the event of a loss. Also, each vendor may name your event and/or venue as an additional insured under their vendors insurance policy.

What is special event cancellation insurance coverage? - Cancellation insurance will protect you in case of situations such as unforeseen weather or if avenue is deemed unusable requiring you to cancel your special event.

Is this special insurance costly? - The cost of a policy will depend on a number of factors including what you would like your policy limits to be, how long your local event is (one day vs. multiple days), whether you select an umbrella insurance option, plus other factors. It is best to contact multiple insurance providers to compare benefits and policy costs.

What is the bottom line? - In a society where lawsuits are a dime a dozen, it's always best to protect yourself with this type of insurance to avoid facing a worst-case scenario, especially if you're the person in charge of your show or event.

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