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Dog Shows - AKC, Onofrio, Roy Jones, Jim Rau, Westminster

Find Dog Shows including AKC, Eukanuba, Jack Onofrio, Roy Jones, Jim Rau, AKC, Westminster Dog Show & many others. See all different types of dog breeds be judged for trophies & other prizes. Also, browse our other local upcoming animal related events including Cat Fancier cat shows and local horse shows.

Westminster Dog Show

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October 2019 Dog Shows

Dog Show

10/20, 2019 - Bark in the Park
Anaheim Hills, California
Location: Ronald Reagan Park, Anaheim Hills, CA
Contact Phone: 714-308-0096

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Our U.S. local dog shows schedule by date is continually updated and features a list of the biggest and best dog events in Florida, Texas, California, Ohio, New York & many others by state. Includes dates, location and links to times, admission tickets and directions. Find a listing of upcoming pet shows featuring some of the top events in the USA including AKC, Westminster, Onofrio, Eukanuba, Jim Rau, Roy Jones, Kevin Rogers dog shows and many others throughout the United States.

Watch as judges rate all types of show dogs competing. Also featured at various shows are dog training school exhibitors, dog insurance vendors, businesses offering dog show supplies and many other booths.

Check back often. Our dog show guide displays dates for events during spring, summer, fall and winter. All months are continually updated and include events in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. You'll also find dog shows in all major areas of each state including northern, northeast, northwest, southern, southeast, southwest, central, eastern and western portions.

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